YAFTA Consultancy

YAFTA Consultancy was developed to offer training to businesses, individuals and organisations in the skills of actors such as presentation skills, public speaking skills and team building skills. The consultancy has now grown to offer a full range of consultancy services for businesses who are looking to improve performance. Our highly qualified and experienced consultancy team consists of acting coaches, chartered managers, chartered occupational psychologists, business psychologists, business consultants, negotiation experts and management and leadership specialists who work together to build training programmes to help enhance the performance of your workforce.


We offer a number of courses teaching a variety of skills that are essential for a productive working environment including leadership and management courses, self awareness courses for managers, presentation skills, team building skills, public speaking skills and negotiation skills to name a few. We also offer psychometric testing using a variety of psychometric instruments. Our courses can be tailored to suit your requirements however we do offer standard packages which you can view under the courses section of our website.


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In addition to our business expertise, all of our tutors are professional actors or presenters. We understand exactly what it takes to give a truthful, confident and believable performance and combine our expertise in this area with our professional training to teach teams and individuals in a corporate setting to help businesses perform better.

All of our courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced professionals. Our trainers have years of experience in business management, assessment and selection, psychometric testing, leadership, presenting and corporate training so you know that your staff will be receiving the highest quality training on any of our YAFTA Consultancy Training Courses.


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