Why should all actors attend a casting workshop

This year we have a fantastic series of casting workshops booked in at YAFTA, hosted by some of the industries best professionals.

But who should attend a casting workshop and why? And what does it involve? From beginner to professional, we host workshops to suit whichever level you are at. Read below to find out what you can expect and why booking on a workshop is a must for any actor looking to develop their on screen career.


The workshops hosted by Ian Bevitt and Joanne Moss are ideal for those who have experience of screen acting and the audition process and looking to really improve their technique and understanding. Alongside advanced workshops, Sonia Allam also runs sessions specifically for those who are new to the industry and have limited knowledge of what a casting would be like. Ultimately, anyone who is keen to pursue a career in front of the camera or any jobbing actor looking to refine and improve their skills would find a casting workshop invaluable.


From TV Directors, to Casting Directors and Associates for some of TVs best loved programmes, our workshops are led by those in the know. Attending an event is not only incredibly useful to tap into their expertise and insight but also to meet these people face to face. The acting industry is as much about networking and relationships as it is about technique. Putting yourself out there and getting to know the influencers and decision makers in the industry is vital. With a number of previous attendees securing auditions and roles following connections made at the workshops they really do offer amazing opportunities.


The workshop content varies depending on who is taking the class as each tutor will have their own approach, however it often involves working through a mock audition with script. It is a group workshop which means you get to witness others walking through the process which can be really useful for reflection and feedback. They are informal, enjoyable and feedback on our workshops has been brilliant. “The last YAFTA workshop I attended was fantastic If anyone is considering it, go for it!” – Alexander

Why should all actors attend a casting workshop


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