START DATE: October 2016

The next diploma intake is in February 2019. For this cohort attendance will be required for on a Sunday starting on Sunday 3rd February 2019. The next round auditions will take place on the Saturday 19th January.

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Did the course meet your expectations?

When I started YAFTA I knew I was going to receive some great training and insight on the industry. Its completely exceeded my expectations as I didn’t realise how fantastic the training is, it’s not just general training, each student is given specific feedback to develop their skills as actors. There is no course out there quite like it, I am feeling confident in myself as an actor. YAFTA have given me the knowledge so I can be extremely proactive in the industry. I have gained experience working on sets and I know I always have support from YAFTA. YAFTA also gives you the opportunity to network with directors and casting directors.

What is the best thing about the YAFTA Diploma?

The best thing about the YAFTA Diploma is the in-depth training. The tutors tailor their teaching to each individual as we all have different strengths and skills we have to work on. I always look forward to sessions as i know I’m going to take away invaluable experience and learn every time.

Would you recommend this course to people wanting to pursue a career in the acting industry?

100%. It has only been 8 months since I started the Diploma and YAFTA has given me the industry knowledge aswell as the training to go for it. Since starting the course I have gained so much experience in the small amount of time and I wouldn’t of done that without YAFTA.

What would you say about the teaching staff at YAFTA?

The teaching staff at YAFTA are amazing, I’m still in shock myself thinking about how much I’ve learnt and developed so far. It’s fantastic as all the teachers are acting in the industry today and have graduated from the top drama schools in the UK. It’s so inspiring and motivational being taught by them, they are very invested in the students and have helped us develop our craft.

Have you managed to secure any work since starting YAFTA?

Since starting YAFTA I have managed to secure commercials, short films and a feature film! I wouldn’t have done this without YAFTA as I had no clue how to go about it, now I am starting to build up my credits and gain amazing experience. I have just finished my first feature film with some very well-known actors. The mentoring side of the course is brilliant as you can contact your mentor with any queries about work and they will give you so much support and advice.

Any other comments?

Everyone on this course is very serious about pursuing a career in acting, it’s great as we are all so supportive of one another! We have all started a journey together with YAFTA and are helping each other through it one step at a time. I’m so excited to see what the next 10 months of the course brings and I know I will continue attending YAFTA after the course ends.

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