Any northern based actor will be very familiar with the logistical difficulties and financial expense of regularly attending castings in London and why should you miss out on work just because you are based in the North.

Here at the YAFTA CASTING HUB we can conduct castings on behalf of the casting director. this means that you don’t have to spend the whole day travelling to and from London or spend a fortune doing so either. You can travel to our casting hub in Leeds, we will record the casting as per the brief from  the casting director and will send the footage to them.

In order to cast at THE HUB, you will need consent from the casting director holding the auditions and will need to request a casting brief from them. The fee to the actor for casting at out hub is £20 per casting or free for any actors represented by YAFTA Casting Directors we can organise a casting session with our students at NO CHARGE

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