Amelia Glover

How long have you been acting and with YAFTA?

I have been taking classes at YAFTA since January 2016 and have been in stage performances since I was 8.

What do you love about the industry?

I love how the industry is a constant artistic collaboration between actors and directors/writers etc, and how it is always at the forefront when it comes to portraying modern concepts and issues to wide audiences.

What are the key skills/attributes you think someone needs to work in the industry?

To work in the film and TV industry you definitely need to be able to take criticism and adapt, because writers usually have very specific visions – although don’t be afraid to use initiative because sometimes they want to see how you interpret a script. I think you also need to be able to use your own unique and visceral instincts when performing a piece because this makes your acting more believable and shows that you are fully engaged in your work.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into film and TV acting?

I would say to watch other people very closely, as you can always learn from that. Also, definitely try to reach out to acting classes and agencies because it isn’t an easy business and we all need a little help from the experts!

Which three films or TV episodes would you choose to a) Watch on repeat b) See for the first time and c) Wouldn’t watch again?

The film I could watch on repeat is A Beautiful Mind because it is just a brilliant film! The film I’ve never seen but would like to, is Black Klansman by Spike Lee because I love his other films, and I wouldn’t choose to watch any American comedy films because they really annoy me and aren’t well written!