The YAFTA Film & Television Production Diploma course is a one year, part time, blended learning course. The diploma has been designed for those with little or no experience of film & TV production, who wish to develop the technical skills required to produce content for film & television. This intensive training course will equip students with the necessary technical knowledge and skills to start gaining work experience in the industry.

This is the first course of its kind to be run in the North of the UK and offers the potential for those who wish to pursue a career in film & television production, the opportunity to do so.

Unlike traditional University or college courses, YAFTA’s diploma focuses entirely on the skills that are necessary to work in production including the technical, practical, circumstantial and realistic aspects of working in the film and TV industry. This understanding and appreciation of the industry, in addition to excellent technical ability for their chosen role in production, is vital if students are going to go on to have a successful career.

Applications are still open.


YAFTA Film & TV Production Diploma

The main objective of the YAFTA Film & TV Production Diploma is to give students an overall understanding of film & TV production, teaching students about the different roles that they can undertake in production and giving them the opportunity to undertake these roles for themselves. We aim to produce students who not only possess excellent technical ability but that also have a clear understanding of the realities of working in the film & TV industry.


YAFTA Film & TV Production Diploma

YAFTA’s Film & TV Production Diploma course aims to equip students with the practical and technical knowledge and skills to work in Film & TV production, as well as teaching students about the routes into the industry and how to start gaining work. The course is delivered by an impressive team of teaching talent who are all currently working in film and TV production, on the biggest and best known productions in the U.K. This ensures that students are learning from top industry professionals throughout their diploma programme education at YAFTA. Furthermore, the course offers an excellent opportunity to network with those who are currently working in the industry. 


  • Have developed the technical skills required to produce content for film & television.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the pre-production, production and post-production processes required to produce film & TV content.
  • Have knowledge of the legal implications and restraints of content for transmission.
  • Have developed a practical understanding of working in the film & TV industry.
  • Have all of the necessary technical knowledge and abilities to produce content for film & TV, therefore enabling you to start gaining work in the industry.
those at beginner level and there are no age restrictions.
those who wish to pursue careers in film & TV production.



Directors, Producers, 1st Assistant Director’s and Casting Directors from Coronation Street, Emmerdale, BBC, ITV, Made in Leeds TV, Lime Pictures, Hollyoaks, Disney & Nickelodeon.

Ian Bevitt

Coronation Street & Emmerdale

Sophie Stocks

2nd & 3rd Assistant Director

Rachel Jovanovic

1st Assistant Director

Lee Ford

BBC, Made in Leeds TV

Mickey Jones

Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale

Rick Laxton

Casting Director
Lime Pictures, Hollyoaks, Disney, Nickelodeon

Lisa Kos

Script Supervisor

Joada Allen

Producer & Director

The next cohort will run from October 2018 to October 2019. There will be no classes during August 2019.

How to apply


Stage One

Students will complete an online application form for the course, available below.


Stage two

If successful at stage 1, students will be invited to attend an interview.

The next course starts in October 2018 and will run on Sundays. Applications are still open

Please complete an online application if you wish to be considered for an interview.

If you would like further information about the YAFTA Film & Television Production Diploma please contact us at

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£7700 (INCL. VAT)

(Fees include all weekly lectures, practical on-set training and experience, all practical aspects of the course, mentoring, additional lectures from industry professionals, short film filming, end of year showcase screening and awards event, full use of equipment and software necessary for coursework.)

course brochure


Full course information including the course syllabus can be found in our course brochure. If you would like to request a course brochure please complete the expression of interest form or e-mail


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