Why get a showreel?

Having a showreel will greatly enhance your career as an actor. Your showreel should be comprised of pieces of work from your career and should showcase your versatility and flexibility as an actor.

Nowadays most casting professionals and agents won’t even consider seeing an actor without seeing a showreel first. For most performers, it’s your foot in the door, your first step, but most importantly it’s something that will help you get your next job. As your showreel builds, so will your career.

All of our showreels are edited at the same high standard in HD.

We offer tailor made showreel packages to meet all budgets, please get in touch for further information.


Get your entire showreel including script writing, co-actors, locations, filming and editing for only £315 (Incl. VAT) at one of our showreel days. The next YAFTA showreel days are taking place on August 27th and November 26th. If you would like to book please use one of the buttons below to secure your place. Places are limited.

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(A booking fee of 3.2% will automatically be added to all bookings).

Showreel editing

£125 (Incl. VAT)
Edit from existing footage
Title page with Spotlight info
Uploaded to Spotlight via your PIN
Youtube Link

3 Scene Showreel

£495 (Incl. VAT)
3 scenes written specifically for you.
Locations Sourced
Full filming & Sound recording
Fully edited showreel
Youtube links
Title Page with Spotlight Info

Extra scenes

£90 (Incl. VAT) per scene
Script Writing
Filming & Sound recording of extra scene