Screen Acting Workshops for Schools

Our Screen Acting Workshops for Schools are designed specifically for the school environment. As part of the school day students will take part in our workshop to give them an informative and educational experience which is also unique, exciting and engaging.

All students will be taught how to deliver a performance for screen and will be educated on the major differences between stage and screen performance. In all of our workshops, students have the opportunity to be filmed and to view the playback of their performance to enable them to understand how their performances translate on screen. Students who aren’t interested in acting will enjoy working from behind the camera as part of the production team.

We aim to build confidence in all students as well as engaging them in performance art by teaching them the skills of acting for screen.


Please download our brochure for further information on our Screen Acting Workshops for Schools.

Contact Us

If you are a school who is interested in offering a screen acting workshop for your students, please contact us by phone on 01134 555 011. We will be delighted to hear from you.