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I’ve found YAFTA to be insightful with their suggestions for projects I’ve cast. Their actors have always behaved professionally, have been well prepared, gave very natural performances and listened well to direction.  They have always been a lovely agency to deal with.

Jane Anderson, Casting Director

an amazing journey

I got the buzz for acting at the age of 8. I was quite a shy, quiet child when I was younger but I remember watching a programme called Buffy the Vampire slayer and it inspired me watching a female play a lead role and be the hero. I also love being creative and being able to tell a story, which acting allows you to do and be anything you want to be.

I knew I never wanted to go down the usual route of university to study drama as I wasn’t too fussed for musical theatre, I just wanted to purely act.

I chose YAFTA because the courses offered everything that I wanted to learn, you don’t just study acting – you learn everything from voice, camera technique to the business of acting. I’ve been coming to YAFTA pretty much since it started, it just feels like home to me now. I’m surrounded by like minded people and the classes push you to get the best out of your performances.

I’ve been on various acting courses and classes before YAFTA but YAFTA is the one that’s changed my life by steering me in the right direction because of everything it offers with guidance from the teachers and mentoring plans so you can stay on track. I’m so much more confident in myself and as an actor now but still feel like I continue to grow.

Since doing the diploma I secured a role in a Feature Film with FOX International products and also booked a role with Emmerdale.

Being with YAFTA has been an amazing journey for me and one I’ll continue to follow as you never stop learning your craft.




I was looking for a new hobby and had always enjoyed taking part in drama at school. I had played smaller parts in school shows and wanted to do more so I decided to try performing arts, which involved Musical Theatre and Speech & Drama classes.  This was also my first experience of auditioning for professional work and I was lucky enough to get roles on professional TV sets and in a professional theatre production.

After being at my performing arts school for 3 years, I decided I wanted to pursue TV and film as opposed to stage, and YAFTA stood out to me as being professional. I liked the fact that I could try a taster session before committing to regular classes.  I could tell from the offset that it was ideal for me as my tutor was welcoming and friendly but had high expectations of his students. Shortly after starting at YAFTA, I attended a workshop with my mum, run by Charlotte Armitage entitled “Understanding the Acting Industry”.  Even though I had a little bit of experience at that point, we both found it very informative and very honest about expectations within the industry.  I knew at that point that YAFTA was the right place for me.

I love everyone’s dedication. I’ve never encountered a person who works at YAFTA who isn’t committed to teaching. I think the atmosphere is really positive and encouraging, which is great because I am able to experiment and make mistakes without judgement. I love everyone I’ve been able to meet both through weekly classes and masterclasses.  I have also made new friends!

Things have changed a lot. I had a little bit of acting experience before I came to YAFTA but since joining I’ve been provided with a lot of opportunities through the connections which YAFTA has within the industry.  I have learnt a lot about acting which has helped me to gain roles that I never dreamed I’d be able to do before starting at YAFTA.

Most recently I played a lead guest role in BBC’s Casualty which was a fantastic experience, and in 2017 I filmed an episode in the new CBBC series, Creeped Out. In 2016 I did two short films (Nelly and Noah and Radio Connection), one of which I was in the lead role.

I am very grateful for all the opportunities YAFTA have provided. Not only have I had some amazing experiences on set, I’ve learned about how to handle rejection and keep on going.  I have enjoyed every minute I have spent at YAFTA so far.  It is my aim to pursue a career in acting and I think the ongoing training at YAFTA will help me to get there.  I would wholeheartedly recommend it.



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We love feedback so why not leave us a review, we may publish it to this page and make you famous!!!

always impressed

I know the YAFTA team well and am always impressed by their level of commitment and enthusiasm to everything they do. Their passion is clear to see in the skill and standard of acting ability in their students.

Sophie Stocks, Emmerdale

fun, encouraging and challenging

A very professional organisation with experienced and friendly tutors for acting classes for all ages and levels and affordable Masterclasses for the more serious actors.  My 12 year old has been attending teenage acting classes for 8 months, progressing on from a children’s stage school.  She finds the classes fun, encouraging and challenging and now attends acting Masterclasses. I would highly recommend YAFTA to anyone of any age who is a keen to benefit from a structured, acting industry based education and learn from people who are experienced in the acting industry.

Cath Proctor- Parent of Child Actress

I can highly recommend YAFTA

My children (15 and 12 ) joined YAFTA last year.  The teaching in all the classes is of excellent quality, challenging yet positive and supportive. They have both learnt a tremendous amount in a very short time and are having a great deal of fun. My daughter has already had the opportunity to audition for a lead role in a Film4 feature film and both of them took part in a YAFTA programme for Made in Leeds TV.

As a parent who knows little about the industry I have really appreciated the professional way in which YAFTA and the agency are run and the practical information provided to help understand how the industry works. I can highly recommend YAFTA to anyone wishing  to explore Television and Film acting.

Catherine Barnard – Parent of Teenage Actors.

friendly instruction

My children (aged 7 & 12) have thoroughly enjoyed their weekly YAFTA classes which have helped with their confidence and acting ability. As Agency members, they have had the chance to audition for varied roles with the BBC, ITV and also, some adverts I would highly recommend YAFTA for both its professional, yet friendly instruction and the opportunities it offers.

Patsy Lavelle, Parent

The classes are fun yet stimulating

I have been interested in acting for a while, but never felt brave enough to commit to it, and YAFTA has given me the chance to try it without any judgement. The classes are fun yet stimulating, and people with different skills and experiences in acting are included, so you can be confident in your own space and time. Everyone is really helpful and friendly, and by being there for three months I have already seen a leap in my acting and understanding of the craft. I would definitely recommend YAFTA to anyone who wants to try out acting, and maybe they’ll find like I did, that they want to stay.

Christina Economides, YAFTA Student

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We love feedback so why not leave us a review, we may publish it to this page and make you famous!!!

I cannot recommend YAFTA enough

Never did I ever believe that I could actually make a go of the career I’ve always wanted. In my mid-thirties, I’m currently embarking on a whole new way of life, a life that YAFTA has made possible. I had become stagnant, not acting or performing in any way for nearly 10 years. In the back of my mind, it’s always been there, this pressing thought that I have to make a go of it now or I never will. YAFTA was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine, someone successful in the industry, someone I trust. Once contacted, I have never looked back.

The quality of teaching is phenomenal both in the adult and the child classes and the confidence I have now comes from the team that know what they want. I believe that this is what I should be doing everyday and it has constantly been reinforced by the ever encouraging team. I cannot recommend YAFTA enough. The opportunities they offer make you feel part of something so wonderful. I go away from my class each week feeling far more settled in myself. I can do what I want, I have been doing what I want via the wonderful agency that is part of the academy. I will be successful and I am confident in this. Thank you YAFTA.

Kate Buckley, Actress

valuable advice and experience

YAFTA has helped me to gain the confidence I had lost and have helped me realise I CAN do what I always dreamed of. They have given me the opportunity to be part of an agency and given valuable advice and experience in the first steps of an acting career.

Leanne O’Rourke

I have benefitted from YAFTA

YAFTA helped towards a LAMDA qualification (Grade 8 Gold and Distinction) and a qualification in unarmed combat for stage & screen, the advice YAFTA have given has been instrumental in getting me several roles in film productions.

Paul Sutton, Actor

YAFTA has opened the doors

I’ve been delighted with the level of service and professionalism I have received from YAFTA. The classes have helped me regain my confidence in my acting ability and I have learnt new skills with the excellent level of teaching, even though I have a BA in acting. I have been accepted onto the agency and am getting work already, including a main role in a female comedy sketch show!! I would highly recommend YAFTA to any new and inspiring actors as well as to anyone who is experienced in the industry and wants to further their skills. YAFTA has opened the doors to so many projects and I’m looking forward to my future with them and the many more work opportunities I am totally confident will arise with the agency as my representation. 

Franny Treymaine, Actress

always so excited

I can’t recommend this company enough. My little girl’s confidence has improved so much in a few weeks since starting and she is always so excited to go back. I’ve never seen her so enthusiastic about anything. I am even going to start going to the adult classes myself.

Kristina Taylor

the best in Yorkshire

YAFTA is simply the best in Yorkshire for acting classes & workshops. I’ve attended many different classes in the past and none have gone into as much depth about acting than YAFTA. Low prices, experienced teachers, can’t recommend them enough.

David Jones

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We love feedback so why not leave us a review, we may publish it to this page and make you famous!!!