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Why get a Headshot?

What is a headshot and why do I need it?  A headshot is an image of an actor that shows a true representation of what the actor looks like. Ideally the headshot needs to be of the head and shoulders. A good headshot is absolutely imperative for any professional actor. It is the first thing that a casting director or agent will see of you & it is based on that headshot that the decision will be made whether to look further into your profile or CV or not. Having a professional headshot will make the difference between being noticed or just being another application in the pile.

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Your headshot must be an honest representation of what you look like.

It is important that your headshot  look exactly like you. If you send a picture to a Casting Director or agent and you get called in for a meeting and you don’t look like your headshot, you automatically lose. However if your picture looks exactly like you and they call you in… well, then, YOU are exactly who they are interested in. So, now that you’re in the door, all you have to do is ‘Knock them down’ with your audition.

YAFTA Headshots Sessions

We regularly run headshot sessions in Leeds. For the very reasonable price of £80 (Incl. VAT). You will receive 5 retouched images in colour, black and white, high resolution and low resolution, this fee also includes the shoot.

You can see our upcoming headshot days below, please click your preferred date if you would like to book in.

(A booking fee of 3.2% will automatically be added to all bookings).