Ryan Carr

START DATE: September 2016

The next intake is in January 2018 with auditions taking place in November 2017, Dates TBC.

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Did the course meet your expectations?

The course has exceeded my expectations. When I first started at YAFTA I was pleasantly surprised by the positive outlook from staff and students and knew I’d be able to grow as an actor in such a good environment. I also like how the syllabus is so varied that with each new week, there is always something new to learn!

What is the best thing about the YAFTA Diploma?

The best thing about the YAFTA Diploma is the ongoing support from staff and students, it is such a good feeling to know that everyone has your back and wants you to succeed in this industry. In addition to this, it is great to have the opportunity to meet some of the casting directors and directors who work in the industry.

Would you recommend this course to people wanting to pursue a career in the acting industry?

I would definitely recommend this course to people wanting to pursue a career in the acting industry! Not only does YAFTA provide an intensive education on acting performance but they also provide an insight into the business side of becoming an actor which I think is definitely beneficial especially as many acting schools do not deliver business insight like YAFTA does.

What would you say about the teaching staff at YAFTA?

The teaching staff at YAFTA are very welcoming and supportive. They always offer constructive criticism and feedback tailored to individuals which is good when noticing your weaknesses and finding techniques and methods to make them strengths.

Have you managed to secure any acting work since starting at YAFTA?

Since starting YAFTA in September, I have secured an array of supporting roles in short films. I have also recently secured my first featured role on ‘Autopsy – The Last Hours Of’ which would not have been possible without the training and support from YAFTA.

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