Holly Allen

START DATE: September 2016

The next diploma intake is in February 2019. For this cohort attendance will be required for on a Sunday starting on Sunday 3rd February 2019. The next round auditions will take place on the Saturday 19th January.

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Did the course meet your expectations?:

It exceeded my expectations. The has course allowed me to gain confidence. It’s fun, effective and challenging and has helped me prepare for future roles. As the youngest in the group I felt a little out of my depth walking in on the first day, I admit I even felt a little shy to even try and interact but everyone welcomed me as an equal and my age wasn’t an issue. I have definitely made friends for life.

What is the best thing about the YAFTA diploma?:

I’m always learning something new and exciting. The diploma has helped me to gain experience in front of the camera and share my experiences with like minded people who want to act. I enjoy learning from them too, receiving feedback and I love that everyone encourages me to challenge myself. I’ve also learned so many crucial ‘tricks of the trade’.

Would you recommend this course to people who want to pursue a career in the acting industry?:

Yes, definitely. It’s made me feel I can achieve my dream of being a professional actress. The course is very well structured and sessions are very varied. Some of the masterclasses provide the opportunity to meet up with casting directors to ask those burning casting questions about the industry.

What would you say about the teaching of the YAFTA staff?:

The staff are brilliant. Each person brings individual and unique skills to our sessions. They are supportive and friendly and we have such a great time learning from them. We have a good laugh too but it’s always kept professional they are all very approachable and offer great advice. Most importantly they are realistic about the industry.

Have you managed to secure any work since starting YAFTA?:

I’ve attended lots of auditions and filmed a number of self-tapes, all for mainstream roles, which has been great experience, I’ve also filmed for the YAFTA course which will be a great addition to my profile.

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