START DATE: February 2017

The next diploma intake is in February 2019. For this cohort attendance will be required for on a Sunday starting on Sunday 3rd February 2019. The next round auditions will take place on the Saturday 19th January.

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Did the course meet your expectations?

I’ve was informed about the academy before of my enrolment and I have been told that it was one of the best academies in the UK and certainly the best in Yorkshire. Taking this into account, I had high expectation about it and it has not disappointed me. I’m really pleased of how the course meets my requirements to train as an actor. Most importantly, we are focused on the development of acting skill as well as learning about the industry. The location of the course, is comfortable, safe and well equipped with a lounge area which works good for break time. Acting training requires lot of space for filming, improvising, practising etc. And because of this, I’ve had expectations concerning the place where we would be working from.

What is the best thing about the YAFTA diploma?

It is definitely and undoubtedly the way the teachers and mentors follow your progress in order to help you progress in your career. Any problems you have they attempt to resolve it as soon as possible and have answered any questions that we’ve had since the beginning. The staff are always ready to answer your questions and always keep you updated thanks to a really efficient e-mail service.

Would you recommend this course to people who want to pursue a career in the acting industry?

In light of the progression I have made in building my own career, I would most certainly recommend the YAFTA Diploma course. The course works as an important support while you are looking for casting and any kind of acting experience. I have always felt that I could ask for help about how to develop a new character up or how to adjust my mistakes in front of the camera before castings. The friends you make on the course also support you as well as the teachers. I’ve found a prosperous environment which keeps me enlightened and interested in pursuing my goal. It is great that YAFTA is well linked within the industry and can provide representation to actors once they have obtained their diploma. Last but not least, a part-time job is enough to cover any kind of reasonable expenses and the course fees if paying in instalments which made it affordable for me to do the course.

What would you say about the teaching of the YAFTA staff?

Each one of the teachers is welcoming, they make you feel comfortable with the topic of the lesson and are friendly with everyone in the room.Also, they are genuinely committed to what they teach you and this allows you to live the lesson experience more like an exercise through which you have fun than a classic school lesson. Still, while you’re performing a scene or whatever kind of exercise, they watch your performance carefully to ensure that they can give feedback on any kind of mistake. Teachers always notice if you have worked on a critique to adjust it or if you didn’t. I really appreciate each one of our tutors!

Have you managed to secure any work since starting YAFTA?

Yes, I’ve shot a music video and a few short films since starting the course. We have only been doing the course for 6 months so I am very pleased with this. I have already done lots of self tapes too which has been great experience.

Any other comments?

You will only meet people who are really committed and dedicated to their acting career at YAFTA. Being surrounded of these kind of people, encourages you to be proactive and even more committed and passionate about acting than ever before.

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