Alec Robinson

START DATE: February 2017

The next diploma intake is in February 2019. For this cohort attendance will be required for on a Sunday starting on Sunday 3rd February 2019. The next round auditions will take place on the Saturday 19th January.

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Did the course meet your expectations?

The course so far has definitely met and gone beyond my expectations. As an actor I enjoy to be stretched and challenged each week and YAFTA certainly does this with what I feel is a carefully designed syllabus for us to follow. I feel although there are many schools out there, there are only a select few that will invest the time into you by always letting you know what can be improved upon and giving you the motivation and knowledge to get to the next level. YAFTA so far is doing this for me.

What is the best thing about the YAFTA Diploma?

The best thing about the YAFTA diploma is that through its teaching it manages to cover each aspect of the acting industry, this allows you to feel prepared for whatever situation might arise and also makes you able to realise which aspects you might need to work on, causing you to become pro-active about your own career and builds your appetite for the industry. Even the business side is covered in the teaching which is extremely important for today’s actors but gets neglected at most schools. The structured personal mentoring plans are also great if you utilise them to keep on top of your progress and career.

Would you recommend this course to people wanting to pursue a career in the acting industry?

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to succeed in the acting industry and who is willing to put in the hard work. YAFTA will prepare each student as best they can to work in the industry and deal with challenges that face actors today. Since training at YAFTA I have been able to step out of my comfort zone and play roles I may not have been able to play in the past. I have also become even more proactive over my own career and have seen my appetite for success grow even greater.

What would you say about the teaching staff at YAFTA?

The teaching staff at YAFTA are all very committed to their work, with each one bringing carefully structured lesson plans every week. They always create a pressure free and enjoyable but hard working atmosphere to the classes enabling you to deliver your best work and get the most out of each week.

Have you managed to secure any work since starting YAFTA?

I only started the course 5 months ago but since starting at YAFTA I have managed to land some short film roles. The roles I have played have been enjoyable yet challenging and I feel the training I have has put me in a good place to tackle these roles. I have very recently signed with the YAFTA Talent Agency and I am looking forward to seeing what this may bring and hopefully securing more exciting roles in the future.

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